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Baby Siblings Project


Early Diagnosis

* You may be eligible if you are currently pregnant, or have an infant under the age of six months.

* You have an older child (or children) diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or other developmental delay.

* This is your first or only child, or all older children in the family are typically developing.

* Your baby experienced complications during pregnancy or delivery.


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* This study examines the development of social skills in typically developing infants as well as infants who are at risk for specific delays or autism spectrum disorders. (ASD)

* We assess the infants' methods of communication, their cognitive, social, motor, and adaptive skills.

* Our research will help us to better understand the mechanisms involved in the occurrence of social disorders in infants and toddlers.

What is involved?

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* Babies are enrolled prior to birth or within the first six months of life.

* Babies are followed with regular visits to our offices from enrollment through 24 or 36 months of age.

* Your baby will view objects, activities, and people on a computer screen as well as listen to various speech sounds and speech-like sounds.

* As your child gets older, the visits will include traditional developmental, language, and diagnostic play assessments administered by a trained clinician.

* Parents complete questionnaires and interviews regarding their child's development and adaptive behavior.

What are the benefits?

* There are no charges involved in the study.

* Each baby will receive up to $290 for participation in the study.

* Clinicians will monitor the child's progress throughout their time in the study and offer support and direction when appropriate.

* The developmental trajectory of each child is closely followed by our staff, with reviews taking place at the completion of each full set of assesments

* All parents will have the opportunity to discuss the developmental findings from the evaluations with a staff clinician.

* Parents of children with identified delays or other developmental concerns will receive recommendations and guidance for early intervention.

For more information about the Baby Siblings Project, please contact our project coordinator, Amy G. Margolis at 203-785-6237