Post-BAs will analyze and report on data from all 19 Connecticut sites delivering Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS). IICAPS was developed at the Child Study Center for children and adolescents with severe psychiatric disturbances and their families to prevent initial or repeated psychiatric hospitalization and improve client functioning at home, in school and in the community. Data from more than 2200 closed cases served by these sites annually is entered into a web based system, and analyzed and reported to the Connecticut Behavioral Health Partnership and the Department of Child and Families by IICAPS Services.  

The scientific and scholarly products resulting from this data may include, but need not be limited to, presentations, journal manuscripts, book chapters, undergraduate and graduate student projects, as well as faculty, trainee and student grants. Clinical experience is offered to provide a context for understanding the aims of the intervention and the purposes for which the data can be used.

Data related Job responsibilities include:

  • Extracting and cleaning data using SPSS or SAS
  • Entering information from clinical charts into a digital database
  • Ensuring data integrity and completeness as submitted monthly by sites
  • Knowledge of MS Excel
  • Co-Authoring chapters, papers, internal reports with PI’s
  • Assisting students with project development as appropriate

Clinical Responsibilities:

  • Acting as a Mental Health Counselor on a team in concert with a master’s level clinician on two IICAPS cases.
  • Working as a team with each child/adolescent and family for a duration of up to six months, and providing a total of five hours of service per week per team.
  • Attending weekly team supervision
  • Attending weekly staff meeting
  • Fulfilling all duties as required in EPIC (electronic medical record)