Hoffman Lab

In the Hoffman lab, our goal is to understand the basic biological mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders, in particular autism spectrum disorders (ASD). To do this, we study the function of genes that are strongly associated with autism in humans to determine how disruption of these genes alters brain development and the neural circuits underlying simple behaviors. Our long-term goal is to use this gene-based approach to identify relevant biological pathways and novel pharmacological treatments that target these pathways.

Responsibilities include genotyping zebrafish, maintaining zebrafish mutant lines, and performing phenotyping assays to identify abnormalities in brain development and behavior in zebrafish mutants of ASD risk genes. The post-graduate associate will gain skills in molecular biology and genetics.

Preferred qualifications: 

  • BA/BS in biological sciences, biochemistry, neuroscience, or related field
  • Experience in basic science research
  • Highly motivated, organized, strong work ethic, fast learner
  • GPA > 3.5
Find out more at www.hoffmanlab.net