Programs and Services

Inpatient School

The inpatient school offers special education programming for children whose complex psychiatric, developmental, educational and medical needs require 24 hour intervention. The inpatient school is designed to meet the short-term educational needs of children during the length of their hospitalization on the Children’s Psychiatric Inpatient Unit of Yale-New Haven Hospital.

The length of enrollment for students is variable, ranging from days to months. Children are discharged from the program when the clinical and educational team assess that they are ready to return to a less restrictive environment and that residential, educational and community resources are appropriately in place.

During the initial phase of the program, tutorial services are provided to assess the child’s academic, cognitive and behavioral competencies and deficits. Following a two week enrollment period, a full-day therapeutic program is offered which combines a highly individualized academic program, social skills training and therapeutic interventions.

The school also offers a community liaison service in which evaluations and psychiatric findings are shared and translated into educational objectives. The school and clinical teams work closely with parents and school districts to develop appropriate educational plans following discharge.


Funding for the inpatient hospitalization is provided by insurance companies. The public school districts assume tuition costs for educational services.

Parents who reside out of state or have their child enrolled in a private school program must make tuition arrangements with our business office. Please contact Charlton Daye at 203-785-4841 for tuition rates.

For additional information regarding educational services, please contact:

Mary Gunsalus
School Director