Robert Rosenheck MD

Professor of Psychiatry and of Public Health (Health Policy)

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student Research

DAHRSSchool of Public HealthNIMH Research Training Program in Childhood-onset Neuropsychiatric Disorders | Albert J. Solnit Integrated Training Program | Albert J. Solnit Integrated Training | Psychiatry: Mental Health Services Research, Division of; Yale Global Mental Health Program

Research Interests

Homelessness; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Cost-Effectiveness Analysis more...


  • M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1973

Selected Publications

  • Rosenheck RA and Sernyak MJ. Developing a policy for second- generation antipsychotic drugs. Health Affairs 2009; 28(5): w782-w793. Published on-line July 21, 2009:
  • Rosenheck RA, Leslie DL, Sindelar J, Miller EA, Tariot PN, Dagerman KS, Davis S, Lebowitz BD, Rabins P, Hsiao JK, Lieberman JA, Schneider LS. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Second Generation Antipsychotics and Placebo in a Randomized Trial of the Treatment of Psychosis and Aggression in Alzheimer’s Disease. Archives of General Psychiatry 2007;64(11):1259-1268.
  • Rosenheck RA, Leslie D, Sindelar J, Miller EA, Lin H, Stroup S, McEvoy J, Davis S, Keefe RSE, Swartz M, Perkins D, Hsiao J, Lieberman JA. Cost-Effectiveness of Second Generation Antipsychotics and Perphenazine in a Randomized Trial of Treatment for Chronic Schizophrenia. American Journal of Psychiatry 2006; 163(12):2080-2089.



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