Formative Childhood and Peace Building News

A Culture of Peace

Introduction to Consortium
Rima Salah, PhD

"Dear Colleagues and friends: Your science, your knowledge, your practical experience, your dedication to the well being of children and their families globally, helped to orchestrate a global movement for peace, that values the role of young children and families as agents of change in peace building. This is changing the tide of violence, that is marking, our world today." 

Rima Salah, PhD, Rima Salah, PhD, Adjunct Faculty Yale University Child Study Center, former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, former Deputy Special Representative of the Sec-Gen, UN Mission in Central African Rep and Chad; ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013

Child Safety Hugely Matters

Violence Prev/Peace Promotion Panelist
Dr. Sheelagh Stewart

Now is the time to build a new legal system prioritizing: First things first, "child safety matters hugely for an overall sense of safety"; translational justice; building the state's capacity to manage its own rule of law needs, critical to confidence building and to reach marginalized groups. "Parents innately want to do right by their children but they have to be given the chance."

Dr. Sheelagh Stewart, Director of Governance and Rule of Law, Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR), United Nations Development Program (UNDP); ECPC Launch Event 20 Sept 2013