Training Program

Program Description


The PG-II year focuses on establishing psychiatric clinical skills with 3 out of 4 blocks of the year spent in intensive clinical training.   However, this clinical skills year involves substantial research time with one 3-month CASE rotation (devoted to mentored research of the resident's choosing) and one 3-month inpatient rotation on the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit. Residents are also able to continue their work with children is psychiatric settings, with one month spent on the Child C-L service, in conjunction with two months at the VA Hospital (one month of the Consult-Liaison Service, and one month of Emergency Psychiatry). The final rotation combines addictions and geriatric psychiatry training.  The PG-II year is thus similar to the PG-II year that Yale Adult Psychiatry Residents complete. The PG-II year also continues the development of the resident’s research interests through individualized career guidance meetings and monthly seminars with all trainees from the Integrated program. Residents may also investigate the opportunity to pursue an additional degree during their residency training; residents are encouraged to make a decision to pursue additional degrees by December of the PGY-II year. Residents receive long-term adult and child cases that begin during this year.

Research Residency Training Schedule, PGY-II