Intensive In-Home Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Services (IICAPS)

IICAPS addresses the comprehensive needs of children with psychiatric disorders whose families need assistance in managing their behaviors to keep them safe in the home and community.  Children appropriate for IICAPS are those who are discharged from psychiatric hospitals or residential treatment facilities with additional in-home support; children in acute psychiatric crisis for whom hospitalization is being considered; or children for whom traditional outpatient treatment is insufficient to maintain them in the community.

IICAPS/CSSD provides the same services as above for children who not only have been diagnosed with serious mental illness, but who have also been adjudicated delinquent.  Referrals to this program must come from the Probation Department.

Pedi IICAPS provides the same services as above for children who have been dually diagnosed with a medical condition and a serious mental illness, which hinders their ability to address their medical needs.  Referrals come from medical based programs and clinics.


Virginia J. Zecchini

Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work) in the Child Study Center