Program for Families Affected by Substance Use (FBR)

Family-Based Recovery (FBR) provides in-home attachment-based parent-child therapy and contingency management substance abuse treatment.  The mission of FBR is to ensure that substance affected children develop optimally in drug-free, safe and stable homes with their parent(s).  FBR treats mothers and fathers who are actively using substances or who have recent history of substance abuse that are also parenting a child under the age of 8.  Services are provided by a team of two clinicians and a family support specialist.  The team provides individual, couples and family therapy; promotes positive parent-child interaction for secure attachment; works to increase a parent's awareness and understanding of child development; provides case management services and conducts weekly relapse prevention and parenting group.  The program is funded by the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families.


Michelle St. Pierre, MSW

Clinical Instructor in the Child Study Center (Social Work)