Megan Lyons, MSW

Clinical Instructor (Social Work) in the Child Study Center; Speech and Language Pathologist

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Child Study Center: Advanced Clinical Social Work Fellowship | Developmental Disabilities Program | Infancy & Early Childhood Program | Outpatient Clinical Services | TIL | YESCog

Yale Medicine


Megan Lyons, MSW, M.S. CF-SLP is Speech-Language Pathologist, Clinical
Fellow in the Laboratory for Developmental Communication Disorders. She
received her M.S. from Southern Connecticut State University and is in
the process of completing her clinical fellowship under the supervision
of Dr. Rhea Paul. Within the autism program, Megan provides speech,
language and communication evaluations for the Developmental Processes,
Trajectories, and Predictors of Outcome Study, Simon's Baby-Siblings and
ACE studies. She also provides speech-language evaluations and
treatment as part of the Speech Treatment Study.

Education & Training

MSW Ohio State University (1995)

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Megan Lyons, MSW