Matthew W. State MD, PhD

Professor (Adjunct) in the Child Study Center; Co-Director, Yale Program on Neurogenetics

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International Activity

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in Korean School-Aged Children
    South Korea(2008)
    The goals of this project are to reliably and validly ascertain the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Korean school-aged children, to investigate public attitudes about ASD and patterns of service utilization in Korean children with ASD, and to establish a population-based cohort of children with ASD and their families for future genetic and medical study.
  • Neuroimaging Study in Epidemiological Sample of ASD
    South Korea(2007)
    The goals of this project to examine the brain structural and functional characteristics of the children with ASD ascertained from epidemiological samples and compare them to those of normally developing children matched for sex, age and IQ. Structural MRI, functional MRI and DTI will be conducted in a series of 300 case and control pairs.

Education & Training

Stanford University (1991)
Yale University School of Medicine (2001)
University of California - Neuropsychiatric Institute, Psychiatry
University of California - Neuropsychiatric Institute, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Yale University School of Medicine, Child Psychiatric Research

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