Alan Stephen Kaufman PhD

Clinical Professor in the Child Study Center; Clin Prof Child Study Ctr

Biographical Info

Alan S. Kaufman, Ph.D., is Clinical Professor of Psychology at the Yale Child Study Center at the Yale University School of Medicine (since 1997). He worked closely with David Wechsler in the development and standardization of the WISC-R, and has published, with Nadeen Kaufman, 11 cognitive, achievement, and neuropsychological tests, including the K-ABC, K-BIT, and K-TEA and the second editions of these tests (KABC-II, KBIT-2, KTEA-II). These tests are influential worldwide, with the K-ABC and KABC-II currently being used in more than 20 countries. Alan and Nadeen co-edit the popular Wiley book series, Essentials of Assessment. Kaufman has authored or co-authored 22 texts, more than 35 book chapters, and more than 150 articles in journals on the clinical and neuropsychological assessment of intelligence, many of which have greatly impacted interpretation of Wechsler’s IQ scales (including the landmark 1979 text Intelligent Testing with the WISC-R). A Fellow of APS and 4 Divisions of APA, Kaufman won the APA Senior Scientist Award in 1997 (Division 16, School Psychology), and presented the “Legends in School Psychology” Invited Address to NASP in 2004.

Education & Training

University of Pennsylvania (1965)
Columbia University (1967)
Columbia University (1970)

Honors & Recognition

  • APA Senior Scientist Award, Division 16 (1997)
    American Psychological Association (1997)
  • Excellence in Assessment Award (2011) (now known as the Alan S. Kaufman Intelligent Testing Award)
    Fordham University Graduate School of Education (2011)
  • “Legends in School Psychology” Annual Address, National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) (2005)
    National Association of School Psychologists (2005)
  • School Neuropsychology Summer Institute KIDS, Inc. Lifetime Achievement Award (with Nadeen L. Kaufman) (2012)
    Texas School Neuropsychology Summer Institute (2012)
  • APA Samuel J. Messick Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award, Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement, & Statistics) (2012)
    American Psychological Association (2012)

Professional Service

  • Peer Reviewer, Psychological Assessment (01/01/2009)
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment (01/01/1982)
  • Peer Reviewer, Psychology in the Schools (01/01/1980)

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