We offer a wide range of clinical services for children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders such autism and behavioral difficulties such as anxiety, anger and aggression. Housing a variety of treatment modalities under one roof maximizes their accessibility and synergy, setting the stage for better treatment outcomes. Our clinical program is the evolving product of years of experience treating individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities at the Yale Child Study Center.

We offer direct treatment as well as short-term and ongoing consultation to families and school teams for children, adolescents, and adults.

Specifically we offer:

  • Behaviorally-Based Treatments
  • Pivotal Response Treatment
  • Psychopharmacological Treatment/Medication Management
  • Group-Based Social Skills Treatment
  • Adapted Life Coaching
  • Long-Term Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychiatric Consultation

Areas of clinical focus:

  • Social-communication skills¬†
  • Parent training for child disruptive behavior such as anger outburst, aggression and noncompliance in young children with autism
  • Increasing adaptive skills across developmentally appropriate domains of daily living&
  • IEP construction
  • Treatment of disruptive/aggressive behavior
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for reduction of anxiety and facilitating emotion regulation skills

Services offered at no cost:

Community Autism Socials at Yale (Project CASY)

Project CASY is a friendly and informal gathering consisting of individuals from the larger autism community. Activities and format of meetings are flexible and diversity is part of the goal. Meetings can be as informal as socializing or structured as having presentations. The only "rule" is really adherence to the group's commitment to learning, sharing, and synthesizing information and ideas that are relevant to improving quality of life in individuals with autism and their families, all within a safe and friendly environment.

Most Project CASY meetings will consist of members participating in moderated discussions and/or informal presentations followed by socializing among attendees. Ultimately, activities and format will be driven by the needs of group participants. Project CASY currently consists of the following groups:

  • Parent and Provider Talkabout (PPT).¬†This is our own version of the old classic and it's completely different. The name says it all: parents/family of individuals with autism meeting with community providers and other professionals to talk about autism. We welcome you to discuss your concerns with other parents/family members and local autism specialists in psychology and psychiatry. Refreshments and lots of useful information will be served!
  • Social Gathering for Adults Living with Autism (GALA). The purpose of Social GALA is to provide a supportive community and safe environment to nurture the growth and development of adults living with autism. This is done by through partnership between the adult autism community and professionals at Yale University's Center for Translational Developmental Neuroscience (CTDN). Social GALA is largely driven by the community with facilitation by CTDN faculty and staff. A variety of approaches are implemented and tailored to the interests and needs of attendees, including New Haven pizza.
  • Chat 'n Chew! (CNC) has become our tradition which professionals at Yale University's Center for Translational Developmental Neuroscience (CTDN) meet with the greater autism community to discuss and share information about everything autism. All Project CASY members are welcome to attend and diversity in our membership is celebrated! The only requirement is genuine interest in autism.

To join Project CASY, please visit us.