National Center for Children Exposed to Violence

Family Intervention Program

The Family Intervention Program was developed in response to the increasing violence perpetrated by and on New Haven’s youth population and is designed to intervene with at-risk adolescents using a combination of supervision and social services. It is a joint venture of the Yale Child Study Center and the New Haven Department of Police Service and an outgrowth of the Child Development-Community Policing Program. A neighborhood police officer and a FIP staff member meet with at-risk youth and families to explain their concern about the youth’s behavior and the police plans to monitor and closely supervise. They are also presented with the opportunity for services offered through the FIP that are designed to assist in the development of pro-social behaviors. Close collaboration with the family, school, police and other involved agencies results in a more structured and supportive environment for the youth where the risk of involvement in violence, as a victim or perpetrator, is reduced.