Yale Baby Siblings Project

Primary Investigator: Kasia Chawarska, Ph.D.

Co-Investigators: Suzanne Macari, Ph.D., Frederick Shic, Ph.D., Daniel Campbell, Ph.D., Sophy Kim, Ph.D., and James McPartland, Ph.D.

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Simons Baby Sibs Project

The Prospective Study of Infants at the Simons Laboratory of Social Neuroscience in Infancy


These studies examine the development of social skills and brain function in typically developing infants as well as in infants who are at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or specific delays. We assess infants' modes of communication and their cognitive, social, motor and adaptive skills. We are interested in the way infants process information about people, recognize faces and develop speech and communication skills. Our research will lead to a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in the occurrence of social disorders in infants and toddlers and will help to identify new methods of intervention and treatment for children with ASD. 

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For More Information:

Amy Margolis
(203)- 785-6237

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