Adolescent Social Development Group

Primary Investigator: Kathleen Koenig, MSN, Roger J. Jou MD, MPH 

Kathy Koenig, M.S.N is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatry and an Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Child Study Center. Kathy has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings, with special expertise dealing with clinical evaluation of children with developmental disabilities, and a special focus on assessment and intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has recently published a book Practical Social Skills for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Designing Child Specific Interventions, published by Norton. The book presents the state of the art research on what intervention methods are effective in helping children develop new social behaviors that will generalize to multiple settings. Most importantly, the book guides the professional in assessing the social strengths and weaknesses of the child so that intervention is customized to the individual child. Find her book here... 

Roger J. Jou MD, MPH is a psychiatrist and researcher, serving as Instructor at the Yale Child Study Center. He specializes in autism spectrum disorders across the lifespan and has published over a dozen research articles on the topic, ranging from neuroimaging to the use of medications to ameliorate comorbid symptoms. Dr. Jou completed his clinical training at Yale in both adult and child/adolescent psychiatry. He has evaluated numerous individuals with autism at the Yale Child Study Center’s Developmental Disabilities Clinic in New Haven and satellite clinic in Madison. Notably, Dr. Jou is also part of an exciting new initiative at Yale, sponsored by the Hilibrand Foundation, to promote research and treatment in adults with autism spectrum disorders. 


This group will be open to adolescents ages 14 to18 years old and will be an ongoing program.  In addition to developing social interaction and communication skills, other areas of focus include:
• Executive Functioning
• Verbal Skills
• Organizational Skills 

This group will be held once weekly on Tuesdays, from 5-6 pm at the Yale Child Study Center, located in New Haven, CT


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