Yale Autism Program's 11th Annual Summer Institute on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Presenters from Wednesday July 25th:

Introduction & Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders - Fred Volkmar, MD
Infants & Toddlers with and at Risk for ASD - Kasia Chawarska, Ph.D.
Studies of Early Social Attention in ASD: What Eye-tracking Tells Us About Mechanism, Heterogeneity, and Outcome - Suzanne Macari, Ph.D. & Frederick Shic, Ph.D.
Studying the Social Brain - James McPartland, Ph.D.
Genetics in ASD: Clinical & Scientific Implications - Abha Gupta, MD, Ph.D.
Evidenced-Based Treatment Methods for ASD - Brian Reichow, Ph.D. 

Presenters from Thursday July 26th:

Developmental, Cognitive, and Speech Assessments - Julie Wolf, Ph.D. and Liz Schoen Simmons, M.S. CCC-SLP
Diagnostic Evaluation of ASD - Julie Wolf, Ph.D.
Programming for Social Development in ASD - Kathy Koenig, MSN
Social Communication & Peer Intervention Strategies - Leah Booth, CCC-SLP
Parent Training & Behavior Management in Preschool Children - Karen Bearss, Ph.D.
Psychopharmacological Interventions for ASD - Larry Scahill, Ph.D., MSN 

Presenters from Friday July 27th:

Principles of Behavioral Assessment & Intervention - Mark Palmieri, Psy.D., BCBA-D
Adolescent & Adult Issues in ASD - James Loomis, Ph.D.