Michele Anne Goyette-Ewing PhD

Associate Research Scientist in the Child Study Center; Director, Psychology Training

Research Interests

Clinical Interests: child psychology; psychological assessment; educational evaluations; learning disabilities; parenting. Research Interests: longitudinal followup of children diagnosed with autism

Selected Publications

  • Stahl, S.S., Close, N., & Goyette-Ewing, M. (in press). Mental health consultation in early care and education settings. In P. Armbruster, (Ed.), Join the village: Mental health goes to school. New Haven, CT: Yale U. Press.
  • Goyette-Ewing, M. & Stahl, S.S. (2008). New Individuals with Disabilities Educational Improvement Act and Psychological Assessment: From Policy to Practice. In E. Gregorenko (Ed.), Educating Individuals with Disabilities: IDEAIA 2004 and Beyond. New York, NY: Springer Publishing House
  • Goyette-Ewing, M. (unpublished manuscript). Parents First: Curriculum and Leader’s Manual.
  • Goyette-Ewing, M. A. (2000). Children's after school arrangements: A study of supervision and development. In J. Gillespie and J. Primavera (Eds.), Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community: Special Issue on Families. NY: Hawthorne.
  • Snow, D. L., Grady, K., & Goyette-Ewing, M. A. (2000). A perspective on ethical issues in community psychology. In J. Rappaport and E. Seidman (Eds.), Handbook of Community Psychology, New York: Plenum Press.

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