Appointments & Fees

To request an appointment for an evaluation through the Yale Child Study Center Psychological Assessment Service in New Haven, Connecticut please call (203) 785-6227 and ask for the testing coordinator.

Parents, guardians, school officials, mental health providers, pediatricians and other service providers may refer children and adolescents to the Psychological Assessment Service for testing. Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake packet is sent to the family or guardian, which includes two questionnaires about the child or adolescent's developmental, medical, social and academic history. Once the forms are completed by the parent or guardian and returned to the clinic, the Director of the Psychological Assessment Service will review the information. These forms, in addition to any reports of previous evaluations and school information, are used to help us plan the most appropriate types of assessments.

Overview of Evaluation Procedures:

  • Parent or Guardian completes intake packet
  • Assignment to an evaluator for a comprehensive assessment
  • The Evaluator meets with parents or guardian to learn about the child’s history, strengths, and weaknesses, including the specific questions the evaluation should address
  • Testing Sessions are held with the child, evaluating their cognitive, educational and social-emotional functioning
  • A feedback session is held with the parents or guardian in order to review the results of the evaluation and the proposed recommendations
  • Final written report is sent to the parent or guardian
  • Evaluator attends school meetings, when requested


The parents or guardians typically pay for the psychological assessment services. There is an established hourly fee. Our policy is to be paid directly by the parent or guardian at the time of each session. Payment is not accepted from commercial insurance carriers at the Yale Child Study Center. School Districts and other agencies may at times agree to pay for a comprehensive psychological evaluation. The Yale Child Study Center Psychological Assessment Service requires a formal written letter of referral and payment agreement from such agencies. Please contact the testing service coordinator at (203) 785-6227 for information regarding the current hourly rate.